I Should Have Bought You Flowers

Hellooo my Luffers!  Today I have one of my besties blogging with me!  Her name’s Serenity but I call her Twinnie because we are legit the same person.  We’re not twins in the physical sense, but we have the exact same personality, sarcastic as hell!  Anyways, I chose her to blog with me today because we both had this similar outfit.  When I asked her to make her style card for me, it turns out that ironically our outfits were from the same place, May’s Soul.  I found May’s Soul pretty recently when I went to the Fantasy Fair about a month back.  I love their style, its different. Everything has a sort fantasy theme heading into a little of a gor theme.  I’m not involved in gor, but I do so love a lot of gor styles.  Also, Serenity and I both were wearing these N-core feet.  I got mine forever ago, so apparently I have the older version of them *grumbles* but I don’t care I still love them!  I’m also blogging this hella cool skin from Al Vulo!   What makes it hella cool you ask?  Well its a FREE group gift this month!  All you need to do is put on you Al Vulo group tag (also free) and head on down there!


On Katerina:
Skin:  [ Al Vulo! ] – [ Arya 2 ] – [ -Supporter ] group gift
Eyes:  pc eyes classic – gold rain
Eyelashes:  – DAMNED – Eyelashes
Hair:  [LeLutka]-TREND hair/Light Brunette
Nails:  *Sexy Mamas* Manicure – Sculpted Prim Nails
Outfit:  * May’s Soul* Summer girl
Feet:  N-core FEET

On Serenity:
Skin:  [PF] Kumi <Ivory> – Lt. Smokey/ Smokey
Make Up:  [PF] <Ivory> – Lip Glaze – Salisa
Blacklace Beauty Blush Pink
Eyes:  LAQ ~ Dazzling Dark Eyes
Ears:  [bubble] Small & Simple Pierced Elf Ears
Hair:  .ploom. Kelsey – Monotone
Tattoo:  Live and Let Die by Endless Pain
Headband: *May’s Soul* Eti camisk pink
Shirt:  *May’s Soul* Eti camisk pink
Jeans:  *L.inc* Tyra Jeans Starlet Wash Dark Blue w/ Slim Cuffs
Necklace:  Couple Necklace (Personal Item)
Feet:  N-core Tip Toe BAREFEET (Mesh)

Pose:  GLITTERATI – We may or may not do it – Closed inworld, marketplace only


If I Lose Myself Tonight, it’ll Be by Your Side + Freeeeeedom!

Wow! No way? Two posts in one day?  What is wrong with me?? Oh right its 9am and I haven’t slept yet, that’s whats wrong!  So while I have been lacking some ZZZzz’s, I’ve been busy making not one… but two new tattoos for you all!  The first is “By Your Side” and is a lower tummy tattoos!  I love the song by One Republic ft. Alesso, “If I Lose Myself”, and I have been singing the lyrics in my head ALL day, so I just had to bust out a tattoo for it!  Then the second tattoo is called “Freedom”.  Freedom can have different meanings to different people.  What’s freedom to one person, might be total restriction to another.  Therefore, I liked the idea of working with the term freedom as everyone can relate to it in different ways.

ByYourSide Vendor  Freedom Tattoo Vendor

Like the tattoos?  If so you can find them here:   https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/126149

i’m living on such sweet nothing

I’ve been such a slacker lately!  I’m on an 11 day vacation from work though so I should have no excuses now!  Day 1 of my vacation and I’ve been quite productive – woot success!  I’ve realeased a brand new tattoo today called Sweet Nothing.  I have the new Calvin Harris song stuck in my head clearly!  Anyways, it’s currently in my store and up on the marketplace for 100L  Here’s a little peek:

SweetNothingTattoo Vendor 

Hope you like 😛      

Meet Skyla and Brooke!

I finallllllllyyyy got around to finishing the 2 shapes I was working on and I love how they turned out!  Both shapes are copy/modify so that you can add any personal tweaking you want!  Also, both shapes come with a styling card which states what they are wearing so you can copy the look if you like.

Meet Skyla:  She’s petite and slender but still gives way to some sexy curves.  Perfect for neko, elf, faun types!


Meet Brooke:  She’s very curvy and voluptuous!  Perfect for those sexy seductress types!

Both these shapes are up on Marketplace for 250L each! 

Find them here:  https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/126149

Luff ♥

Luff ♥  is my store in Second Life.  I had wanted to create a store for a very long time, but I was always so busy doing other projects that it sort of got put aside.  Things are so hit or miss in SL and there’s never really any rhyme or reason to it.  Amazing stores with fabulous items go unrecognized while stores that use the same templates every other store uses are packed at all hours of the day.  I am not creating a store to make a ton of linden and get a ton of traffic, while that would be fantastic, it’s not my sole purpose.  I started it to nurse a broken heart, to occupy my time and to see what I can come up with! I love seeing what I can create inworld and while I’m mainly focusing on tattoos at the moment, you’ll probably be seeing other items included as well, thats why the tag line is Tattoos. Accessories. Randomness.  There will definitely be a lot of randomness.

I am currently working on some shapes, and when those are completed you can expect to find those on here!  You can find Luff ♥ on the marketplace https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/126149  and I will be opening an inworld shop super soon!


Wooo!! A new Blog!

So I was feeling bloggy (all great bloggers make up their own words right?) today and decided to start a new blog.  Not really sure what it’s going to consist of yet, probably random rants and tales along with new releases from Luff ♥  I don’t want it to be just about Luff ♥ because well that wont keep me entertained!  Oh and it has to be pretty….yea…really pretty!