Because One Day, I’ll Leave you, A Phantom, to Lead You in the Summer, to join the Black Parade

What up Luffers?  I just came back from raiding “The Black Fair”!  There’s SOOOO many free gifts and awesome event items being sold so if you have not yet made it there, hurry up!  “The Black Fair” ends on Friday!  Today I’m going to show off the free gifts I picked up at “The Black Fair” so that I can encourage you to scurry on down there and pick them up before it ends!  Let’s start off with this awesome mesh dress that I picked up as a free gift from Twins Fashion.  Omgah! I love it!  It has a simple black and white stripes pattern so you can easily match it with any themed outfit.  I decided to rock it in a semi goth outfit.  These shoes and nails are from Chandelle.  I’ve never visited the store apart from their shop at “The Black Fair” but if this is any indication of how awesome they are, you can bet your booty I’ll be heading to their mainstore soon!  I so wish you could see the detail on the nails and shoes better in this picture, because they are AH-mazing!  The ring finger nails have a polka dotted pattern on them with cute little white bows.  Also the nails come with  two rings for both hands.  Then the shoes…wow.  They are cute little black mary-janes, but the back of the shoe has spikes on it and the heels have little skulls on them!  So cute!  The black make up over my eyes is also a free gift from Mon Cheri!  It totally completed the type of look I was going for.  If this make up isn’t your style, don’t fret!  There’s 8 other make up layers in the pack to choose from!  ….Did I mention that the dress, shoes, nails and make up was free? Oh I did?  Well one more time…IT’S FREE!  GO GET IT!  NOW!  I’ll wait here….


Want to join my Black Parade?

Skin: :[P]:- Eren Skin – Fifty Linden Friday
Eyes:  ** EyeZ Blind
Eyelashes:  – DAMNED – Eyelashes
Hair:  TRUTH HAIR London –  Black&Whites04
Nails:  – CHANDELLE – Nails RR Black – The Black Fair 2013 – Free Gift
Make Up:  “tSg” Cassie Eyeshadow: Silver
*MC* Makeup – Gothica –The  Black Fair 2013 – Free Gift
cheLLe (blush) Everyday Blush 2

Dress:  *TwInS FaShIoN – TF* Tank Dress – The Black Fair 2013 – Free Gift
Shoes:  – CHANDELLE – Shoe Cice #06 – The Black Fair 2013 – Free Gift

Pose:  Purple Poses – Sarah 01 – The Black Fair 2013 – Free Gift


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