If I Lose Myself Tonight, it’ll Be by Your Side + Freeeeeedom!

Wow! No way? Two posts in one day?  What is wrong with me?? Oh right its 9am and I haven’t slept yet, that’s whats wrong!  So while I have been lacking some ZZZzz’s, I’ve been busy making not one… but two new tattoos for you all!  The first is “By Your Side” and is a lower tummy tattoos!  I love the song by One Republic ft. Alesso, “If I Lose Myself”, and I have been singing the lyrics in my head ALL day, so I just had to bust out a tattoo for it!  Then the second tattoo is called “Freedom”.  Freedom can have different meanings to different people.  What’s freedom to one person, might be total restriction to another.  Therefore, I liked the idea of working with the term freedom as everyone can relate to it in different ways.

ByYourSide Vendor  Freedom Tattoo Vendor

Like the tattoos?  If so you can find them here:   https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/126149


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