Luff ♥

Luff ♥  is my store in Second Life.  I had wanted to create a store for a very long time, but I was always so busy doing other projects that it sort of got put aside.  Things are so hit or miss in SL and there’s never really any rhyme or reason to it.  Amazing stores with fabulous items go unrecognized while stores that use the same templates every other store uses are packed at all hours of the day.  I am not creating a store to make a ton of linden and get a ton of traffic, while that would be fantastic, it’s not my sole purpose.  I started it to nurse a broken heart, to occupy my time and to see what I can come up with! I love seeing what I can create inworld and while I’m mainly focusing on tattoos at the moment, you’ll probably be seeing other items included as well, thats why the tag line is Tattoos. Accessories. Randomness.  There will definitely be a lot of randomness.

I am currently working on some shapes, and when those are completed you can expect to find those on here!  You can find Luff ♥ on the marketplace  and I will be opening an inworld shop super soon!



Wooo!! A new Blog!

So I was feeling bloggy (all great bloggers make up their own words right?) today and decided to start a new blog.  Not really sure what it’s going to consist of yet, probably random rants and tales along with new releases from Luff ♥  I don’t want it to be just about Luff ♥ because well that wont keep me entertained!  Oh and it has to be pretty….yea…really pretty!